Sunday, January 11, 2009


Four A's of a Dynamic Quiet Time by Jessica Redding

Does the following scenario sound familiar? You get comfy, grab your Bible and intend to dive into an exciting quiet time with God, but after a couple of minutes, you find yourself carried away into a world of e-mail, homework and heavy eyelids. It’s easy to be distracted. Interested in breaking the cycle?

Try implementing these four A’s into your quiet time routine:

• Awake. Spending quality time with your Savior requires you to be alert. Pick a consistent time and location to help you stay awake. Your bed at 1 a.m. isn’t the best choice if you plan on remembering anything the next morning.

• Ambitious. Try something new to keep things interesting. Pick a devotional guide that’s right for you. Consider using a journal to keep track of your prayer requests or thoughts about what God is teaching you. Try reading through the Bible in a year or memorize a few verses each day
• Active. Reading God’s Word is more than just glancing at a few verses every day. If you neglect to reflect on what you’ve read, you’re missing something big. Take a few minutes to figure out what God is trying to teach you through His Word. But don’t stop there; write it down. Keep track of what God is showing you. Why? Because it’ll be easier to recall what you’ve learned.

• Accountable. It’s hard to let someone else in on the secrets of your spiritual life, especially if it’s non-existent. Yet this may be the step that helps you turn a once-a-month devotion into an everyday adventure. Think of someone you trust who’s both dependable and straightforward — the type of person who’s not afraid to ask you the tough questions. Tell your friend how you’re struggling and share your goals so she’ll understand where you’re headed. Ask her to keep you on the right track to meet those goals. It’ll be easier to spend time in the Word if you know someone will be asking you what you learned that day.

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