Thursday, January 22, 2009

On the Inaguration

My take on the inaguration:
It was a historical moment. and the whole nation was excited.
I don't really know enough to make a comment on policy, or any kind of politics.

But I do know this. (This is NOT a commentary on either parties political platforms.)

Whether you like Bush or not, whether you like Obama or not, both men deserve your respect. Being the President has GOT to be a very hard job. People all over the world look up to you and follow your every move. The fact that both of these men volenteered for the job of president is, frankly, amazing. And notice, these two men aren't attacking each other. Their First Ladies are friendly, and even though politically they may differ, both men still respect the other. It's a common courtesy that you own any fellow human being, respect. Paticularly the president.

I'm not saying I agree with what Bush did or what Obama plans to do. Like I said, I'm just not educated enough to know the true impact. But I'm sick and tired of people making jokes about how stupid former President Bush is, or how the world is going to end now that President Obama's in office. (I have heard both) Neither statement is true.

American citizens (well, high school students) can be so cocky, thinking they know what's best for the world. But I wouldn't be so hasty to judge until you get in that position yourself.

So, to Former President Bush, I say thanks for his time in office, it's a very tough job. And to President Obama, I wish him Good Luck, and I'm praying for him.

maybe you should think about how you respond.

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