Friday, February 20, 2009

Some random tidbits

Recently I have read lots of books, heard lots of lectures, and just had a lot of really potent quotes in my writer's notebook. (Which is a tiny notebook I carry in my purse to record writer's thoughts, an idea from Ralph Fletcher's book, A writer's notebook. I highly recommend it and will loan it to you if you ask me).

Anyways, I wanted to share some of the good stuff in there. It's not always stuff I agree with, per se, but it makes you think. Oh, and it's not all recent stuff either. Have Fun!

~ "Something is wrong when our lives make sense to non-believers"

(I believe I heard this from Navs, but I'm sure it came from a book)

~ "What if ... God took away the things we rely on so we rely only on him?" (Dave)

~ "We live in a culture that expects the basics and nothing more." (DHT)

~ "become a student of your friends, your culture, the Word ... it helps when we communicate to have the receiver in mind." (Dave)

~ "Satisfaction includes pleasure but pleasure doesn't guarantee satisfaction." (Julie)

~ "pleasure is not bad - it's just that worldly pleasure is incomplete." (Julie)

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Lotus said...

I actually do agree with all this stuff. I have more to add to this post probably.