Monday, July 6, 2009

"No one laughs at God in a hospital" MUST-READ

(PS the must read heading was a gimick to get you to look at this post)

I felt that there was not enough room in my FB status for me to describe fully enough what I think, so I'm going to continue here.

First, this is my current FB status:
I find the song "No one laughs at God in a Hospital" a little disconcerting. How many times have I taken God for granted and then called on him only when I needed him? Scary, our lack of commitment to someone so wonderful. Aren't you glad it's not based on how deserving we are? Yay Grace/Mercy! (check out the Rebulution site for lyrics)

This song sends chills up and down my spine - because I think it describes me (and quite possibly lots of other Christians) to a T. I live my general life not really thinking about God. Sure, I might contemplate the message from Navs Tuesday night on Wednesday, I might remember to pray for people on my prayer list right before I fall asleep, but my daily commitment to my Jesus is sadly lacking. I am totally incapable of giving him the honor he deserves, and I do him a dishonor everyday by not remembering that he's close by and thinking of him as a more distant, judging God, by not pursuing righteousness the way I should, by laughing at those God-themed jokes in the song, etc.

So why, after hearing that song, am I not totally depressed about how horrible I am, not worried about how I don't deserve my salvation because I've forgotten God?

Because my Savior did not save me in that sort of way. He saved me knowing I was going to sin, knowing I wasn't a perfect loyal creation. knowing I'd constantly be turning back to him to apologize and then failing again. He knew I couldn't control every facet of my life. He died for me as I was - ugly in my sin.

That doesn't mean I go around sinning and just trust in his goodness. It just means that when I mess up, He's got it covered. It means that He forgives when I ask him to and He, if I ask him to, will help me, work through me, to clean up my sin. Grace (getting what you don't deserve - his help and forgiveness and original salvation) and Mercy(not getting what you do deserve - his wrath at your unloyalty, and at every other sin you've committed) in action!

So, now my part is to make that commitment to let him work with and through me to remove those sins that I have noticed from my life, to pursue holiness. I'll still make mistakes, it will still be hard, but if I commit, my God will work with me in that. And then I'll be laughing with God (last line of the song) when He's conquered again.

Are you going to take that step, make that commitment to God? Regardless of whether you've ever believed in him or not (if not, please ask my about the gospel and my story, I'd love to talk to you), if you do now or if you see new sin to work on, are you going to pursue holiness?

I've been wondering that about myself for a little over a week now. And everything I've come up against has pointed me toward making that commitment. I intend to try. I will fail. But God will help me up. What will you do?

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