Monday, October 12, 2009

Honoring Paul Herlinger

(if you don't like AiO, don't bother to read this - it won't matter to you)

So, I'm a little behind the times here - they announced that there was going to be a new voice for Whit last August - but whatever, I only listened to the podcast about it last night.

I know that the voice of Whit has been changed once before, but I was two years old when Hal Smith died. I think most of the Odyssey audience has only ever heard Paul Herlinger's voice out of thier radios - for us, Hal Smith was only on the old recordings, and Paul Herlinger was the living, breathing, working voice of Whit. I've been listening to Odyssey for about ten years, and Paul Herlinger was always a part of that for me.

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