Friday, October 9, 2009

On Spanish, Yoga, and self-knowledge

Today in Spanish we had our first yoga class. We go to the atrium, lay our yoga mats out on the floor, and have a yoga class (our teacher's a certified instructor) entirely in Spanish! It's lots of fun, even if it is a little weird to be laying on the floor of the school breathing deeply. Spanish this year is really interesting - since at this point we have learned most of the grammar and vocabulary that textbooks can teach us, we've been having class based around other things - culture, literature, yoga, etc.

Our very first unit was on self-knowledge. We took several tests on our learning styles, personalities types, and emotional mindsets. None of my tests revealed anything particularly unusual to me - I already knew that I am linguistic and logical, that I am a perfectionist, that I am an independent thinker.

What was interesting was the self knowledge test that I DIDN'T take for Spanish - I took it for the Women's Sunday School Class. This test was supposed to tell you your evangelism style - I scored Interpersonal and Intellectual. While my other tests results were in line with these results, I'd never applied them to evangelism before. Here's some of the notes that came with my two styles~
Interpersonal: Warm Personality, Conversational
Caution - Avoid valuing friendship over truth-telling. Presenting the Gospel often means challenging a person's whole direction in life, and that might mean causing friction.

Intellectual: Inquisitive, Analytical
Caution - Do not substitute giving answers for giving the Gospel message, be careful of becoming argumentative.
They seem to be in such opposition don't they? One is prone to argument, being overly zealous, while the other is prone to silence to protect friendships, not being zealous enough. I like being in between the two - a definition defyer - but those Cautions also apply to me, letter for letter.

I don't know...I've been thinking a lot about evangelism...last night DAn had a lot to say about it, but I feel like the stuff he said was for a different situation than the ones I normally find myself in - for a poin twhen a person is further along, or when they're not in a relationship with you and you're talking to a stranger.

Just puzzling through...tell me your thoughts!

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