Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 goals recap

If you're a frequent reader of my blog, you know about my letters to myself in the future, my new years goals, etc. I like to reflect on the past and make detailed plans for the future. Last year I met 6/10 new years goals (see the post in Jan. 2011). This year I only made 5 goals, but they were big ones...and I didn't actually meet any of them. But here's what they were, and how I am modifying them for 2012.

1. Floss every day
Ok, this did not happen - but I did take much better care of my teeth - wire my retainer at nights, bought fluoride rinse, and did floss every once in a while. To meet this in 2012, I'm buying special threader floss for my bonded retainer

2. Do a manuscript study of my own (on a book I have not studied before, like Ezra)
Didn't do this either - but I learned a
LOT about manuscript study through camp and SGL team. Same resolution for 2012!

3. Spend at least 1 week of every month unplugged from internet time wasters.
Well, I stopped using Netflix and Hulu, but I did still spend time on my computer. FB use decreased for G+ use... This one is kind of a failure. And I could make a lot of generational excuses, but really, I just didn't try

4. Lose (blank) amount of weight
This one is a truly traditional resolution that also didn't happen - I didn't gain or lose this year (well, I started good on this one but ended up the same)

5. Learn to quilt
Nope. But I increased my origami skills and have decided not to have any more 'housewify' goals - origami is a great, inexpensive crafting skill, and I'm happy with that. My mom bought me a lovely set of origami paper for christmas, so I'll continue my paper folding/tissue paper flower making and leave needle work to my sisters

The bonus goal was to finish my 2010 resolutions, and I finished one of those: I finally completed the Lord of the Rings trilogy of books. :)

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