Sunday, July 15, 2012

For Karen, my dance teacher

I wrote this poem for my dance teacher at the end of our class this summer. It's structured where I alternate her quotes and my returning thoughts.

"Pick up your bones!"
in her ominous tones.
"Stay in dance position"
for smooth transition.
"arm goes up, lady goes under"
my dance teacher is quite a wonder.

"I teach you to dance, I don't teach you the move"
When I dance, I hope she will approve.
"a man has a corner, a lady has a center"
dancing is a magical world she's helped me enter.
"point your toes, or he'll step on your feet"
In her class I've learned to keep to the beat.

"Don't forget to practice! Go and make dancing."
I will try to practice before the fall. Thank you for teaching!

I hope you all enjoyed that! I seem to have poetry in the mind recently so expect a few more before the summer ends. :)

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