Saturday, July 21, 2012

One Take

As a YouTube consumer, I tend to find YouTube producers fascinating. One of my favorites was introduced to me by my roommate Katrina, and I have talked about him frequently on this blog  - KurtHugoSchnieder.

Recently he posted a Bruno Mars Medley (which is great) and then revealed that it was a one take video. Now, I don't know much about film, so my friend Brandon may come scold me about this later, but I had never heard of the concept of one take until the infamous Old Spice guy. Now I feel like it's everywhere.

Artist friends, chime in - how do you make sure you're cutting edge, and not just cheap imitation? What defines "cutting edge" art? I think mostly of Jackson Polluck here - the cigarette butt in paint art that he created isn't particularly nice to look at, but it was new and different.

What about the idea that there's "nothing new under the sun"? How does that apply to art?

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