Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Poem

Hot, humid, and sunny, fans all around.
bugs and lawnmower grass litter the ground.
Counting down the weeks of a summer internship,
Planning some crazy one day or weekend trips.

Summer reading and berry picking.
Letters to camp and T-shirts turned damp.
Popsicle sticks and TV chick flicks.
Long days and outdoor plays.

Little sisters want to be playing with me.
My little brother climbs up a tree.
summer Bible study dinners full of fun.
Dancing because it's way to hot to run.

One day, I'll be grown up enough that summer doesn't change life.
Until then, enjoy my summer projects and poetry. :)


Katrina said...

This is SUPER cute. Love it! There's a feeling that I get during the summer that I have difficulty describing, but I think this captures it well. :)

Lotus said...

Thanks! :)

Liz Milligan said...

One of the things I love about my career path is that if I make it, there will almost always be a summer/academic year distinction :)