Monday, August 26, 2013

A story about a Woolie...

This week at school is Welcome Week, when the freshmen are invited to tons of events that encourage them to meet one another. There was an Instagram photo hunt list, and for fun I decided to participate. One of the photos we're supposed to find? "Post a photo of you and your Woolie".

A Woolie is a Welcome Week Leader (I've been one twice but not this year). My own Woolie my freshman year was this great guy. He was fun-loving, excited about the school, and gave us good tips, like bring a blanket to the outdoor movie, and attend CWIT meetings for free pizza. He was so inspiring that the following two years, I was a part of the Woolie team with him.

He and I continued to be friends throughout my freshman year (since he led my bible study) and my sophomore year (not the leader anymore but we were still in the same bible study) and my junior year (although we saw each other less because he got crazy busy with research).

His girlfriend-then-fiancee-now-wife and I became friends during my sophomore year. I had lunch with her weekly, and then she graduated and left me (just kidding). She and I shared so many elements of our lives and became fast friends. I could go on-and-on about her too but this post in particular is about the Woolie thing.

This past Saturday I attended their wedding. It was beautiful. I loved watching the groom's face while his gorgeous bride walked down the aisle, teared up hearing the confidence in their voices as they exchanged vows, cheered as I watched them kiss for the first time, and celebrated like crazy at their reception

So, UMBC (seb)? You want me to post a photo of me and my Woolie? How do I pick just one? I watched my Woolie change and grow as a person and I was inspired by his change and growth. I met his lovely bride and she touched my life by reminding me weekly to stick to the Scriptures, and remaining my fast friend after her graduation. There are a number of photos of us through the years, and a lot of memories we share that DIDN'T get photographed. So sure, I'll share a photo, and as I share I'll remember say "Thank you, God, for putting this couple in my life". Congratulations, you guys. I love you both.

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