Tuesday, November 5, 2013

BLOGWriMo: My NaNoWriMo story

While browsing my old blog posts trying to discover what ideas I had already covered and weather or not I should keep going with my monthly blogging, I found this old post from last July.

In this post, I introduced a bunch of characters from a Sleeping Beauty retelling that I wrote. It's not a bad beginning, so perhaps I'll finish writing that story. Since I'm several words behind NaNoWriMo, I'm going to make it a short story instead of a full on novel, but I AM going to do it (and I'll post updates when I have them). One thing I need to figure out though is when do I think the original sleeping beauty story was set? Unless I change it to sleeping for 1000 years, my Mary is likely not going to be in the present day (which is why steam punk could be fun).

To get to the purpose of this blogging every day this month (live journal-ing, aka documenting my life) - today was Crystal's Birthday (she's a staff member in my scholars program) so Alec and I bought her a cake and sparking cider and surprised her which was SO MUCH FUN (Alec and I spent 45 minutes just wandering around Giant waiting for cake decoration and hanging out). And then I spent a good hour after class just hanging out with my best friend Christina (she was applying for jobs so I read her cover letter draft and we chatted about life in general). So I still have the big network security project hanging over my head (by the way, being a girl in CS, all my male classmates are more than willing to help out and it's awesome. I am gonna miss those guys when I graduate. We're not friends, exactly, but I see some of them everyday and we do have relationships built up) but overall today I picked friends over academics and it paid off. I might end up working late tonight, but that's OK by me.

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