Monday, November 4, 2013

BLOGWriMo: The Surface Pro commercial

Hopefully you've seen the commercial I'm about to discuss. Here's what happens in the commercial:
1. There's a scene on an airplane
2. There's a photo shoot scene
3. There's a camping sequence

I hope you recognize it. I can't seem to find it on YouTube. But I alternately love, hate, and get confused by this commercial, and I wanted to explain why.

So, the first scene is some kind of business woman on a flight, opening her tablet to get some work done. A cute little girl looks over the seat at the tablet, the lady looks up, smiles, and turns her tablet (with her work on it) so that the little girl can see.

Why I love it: first, it depicts a working woman who's successful. Not enough of those in the world. Second, it shows her sharing her knowledge with a littler girl, inspiring her. I absolutely am in favor of that.

Second scene is some kind of modeling shoot. They're talking photos of a stunning brunette, and a guy loads the photos on to his tablet and starts drawing on the model.

Why I hate it: We have a lot of beauty issues in this day and age. This guy feeling the need to draw on and edit the already stunning model? Not helping.

Third scene is a woman in the wilderness, camping in the dark. She uses the tablet to open a stargazing app.

Why I get confused: What's the point of going to the wilderness if you're taking technology with you? And while I'm all for women in the wilderness, I'm a little concerned about her safety, being all alone.

Overall, this commercial doesn't make me excited about the surface Pro.

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