Thursday, August 21, 2008

The circle of life

I got some sad news today. a kid in my graduating class from school died earlier this summer, about a month ago(not suicide FYI, he died from heart surgery). While i didn't really know him that well, it's still sobering. In the one class I had with him freshman year he seemed to be a nice kid, but really, who expects someone to die at my age? It shakes things up a bit. I liked what I knew of Grant and felt rather shell shocked when I learned he'd died.

Ironically, the other news that I wanted to post involves birth. My cousin is pregnant and due in April. (see picture from her wedding on the sidebar). She's wanted to be a mom all her life and her dream is finally coming true. I'm happy that I'm getting a second cousin (is that right?).

But it proves the circle of things. People die and are born and life is finite. God is infinite. being with God for eternity is infinite. Life is a flash in the pan and can be cut off whenever God feels your ready. The ancient greeks used believe your life was a thread that the three fates wove. One fate spun you into existence, the other woven you into the world, and the third cut you off when your life was done. In some ways I'm going thru the same emotions that are always expressed in books, that it's not fair that a thriving young 16 year old should die, but I can't change anything that God had happen. All I can do is pray for his family and rejoice that God is in control of our circle of life, giving K and C a new baby.

This week on my street a big bonanza has been running. All the kids on the street under age 10 have been running a lemonade (spelt lemonaid on the sign) stand and selling it to varouis parents, dog walkers and mailmen. they probably would have made a total of 15 total over the three days it ran, but they kept spending their own money that they'd earned the day before on their own lemonade, and then getting it back and spending it again. It reminded me of the stories about old cotton sharecroppers, who'd get paid by the big boss and then go to spend thier money in the store run by the same big boss.

"We are all connected to each other, in a circle, in a hoop that never ends." ~ Pocahontas

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