Monday, June 22, 2009

Goodbye Jr. Year...Hello Sr?

Today is my first day with out school! I'm very excited. But also nervous. This means that I'm starting my Sr. year of high school. Am I ready? Of course not. But I will do it.

I don't really have any involved thoughts today, I just feel bad for having gone so long with out posting. I've had my bloo for almost a year now, and I think I've been pretty consistent, even though some of the posts were less thought provoking than others. I've been suprised at how many people follow my blog, and comment or mention it to me in real life (as opposed to virtual comments). I hope what I've said hasn't bored you...I know that blogs can get boring sometimes.

Some reflections on this school year:
~I had possibly the best group of teachers I could have - yes, including ms. O
~I had really hard classes - but I passed them all
~I still didn't learn to drive - but I went on 2 college visits
~I really enjoyed the movie worldview lessons in Sunday School
~I maintained a blog - I am really proud of that

Anyways. My summer plan of my blog os some book reviews, since I shall be doing a lot of reading. I also have the rest of my love month notes - does anyone want those to be posted here? LMK if you do.

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