Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Percy Weasley and Albus Dumbledore

My apologies if you don't like Harry Potter, but that's sort of your own decision, so you should not be upset that I am writing about it. If you do not read Harry Potter, this will not make sense to you. If you have not read the 7th book, this will not make sense to you. Sorry!

I really like Percy Weasley. He is one of the better developed characters in Harry Potter - not a plain black/white character, he has gray spots. Yesterday my sisters and my friend were asking me why I like Percy so much, and I said I think he's like Dumbledore. Here's what I meant:

Percy, like Dumbledore, was young and had a desire for power when he got out of school. Like Dumbledore, he was ashamed of his family and tried to go beyond them for higher things - Dumbledore was reaching for the Hallows, Percy for the Ministry. Both betrayed their families - Percy in a more dramatic way. Dumbledore felt that he had killed his sister - just as Percy probably felt after Fred died.

I think that if we give Percy Weasley some time to learn that power is dangerous he will be just as wise as Dumbledore, and as amiable as his father. He has that potential. Maybe I like Percy because I see a bit of himself in me. Give Percy a chance, and you'll see the good in his character.

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