Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In the Morning

It's about 9:30 am right now. There are 4 active people on Facebook chat where there are normally 20-something. Personally, I don't consider 9 to be early in the morning, so this post is a little irrelevant. But I absolutly ADORE mornings. I love the soft feel of the grass under a sun that gives off paler, softer rays than it does later in the afternoon. I love the feeling of having my whole day ahead of me, ready to be filled with exciting moments and thoughts. I love the peace found in the mornings. And I really enjoy eating breakfast - something I don't normally do over the school year.

All you guys who sleep in till really really late miss out on some of the great beauty of the world. (now, last night I was up until 1, so it's ok to stay up late) Get up early in the morning - enjoy the quiet of your household. Spend some time reading. Maybe even reading the Bible. Wash your hair and dry it naturally in the sunlight.

Don't waste the time in the morning. Use it for a good purpose. Maybe you could make breakfast for your mother or coffee for you father. Maybe you could spend the time coloring with your little siblings, or chatting with your older siblings. You could clean your room - then you won't have to do it later when you want to have fun instead. Make use of the morning, you'll have the rest of the day to spend on your own.

Go for a run, mow the lawn, sit on the porch and read, enjoy the outdoors in the morning.
Play music and dance, do whatever you want, but don't spend your morning curled up in bed, that benefits no one - not even you, because you wasted that precious time.

I love the morning. You should try it sometime, maybe you will too!

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