Friday, September 4, 2009

101 great things about glasses

1. you can see colors much clearer
2. you can see fine details
3. you can see without squinting
4. you actually know what time it is because you can see the clock
5. you can drive!!
6. you don't have to sit in the front at school.
7. you get the chance to remember how easy it is to lose things
8. you can play solitare on your ipod again
9. you can watch TV on the sofa instead of the floor
10. you can text without holding the phone up to your nose
101. you get to touch your nose and shove them up every ten seconds

See how I cleverly fooled you? 101 is actually 11? OK, so it's not that funny, but I really enjoy having new glasses and wanted a lighter blog post.

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wendybird03 said...

I'm always sitting on the floor to watch the tv. Granted our tv is small, but I think the main problem is that my glasses prescription is out of date. I got the new prescription -- now time to get the new glasses :)