Saturday, September 12, 2009

My College Visit

So, everyone asked - How was my visit? Here's the highlights:
~ Introduction in the Bomberger Auditorium - 2nd largest organ in the state - pretty cool.
~ Class in Phaler(SP?) Hall - Data Structures: good class, I followed all the logic, but it was in C++, so I didn't do the language
~ Interview - They were doing 75 interviews that day!! So I think I was just one of the crowd...
~ Tour - well, that was...OK. It was rainy so the campus didn't look good
~ Lunch - that was also...OK. The food wasn't really anything special - but that's true of most schools

After Lunch there was another info session, but my dad ands I skipped it to explor the town a little and look at the Myrin Library. After that my dad had set up for us to meet the InterVarsity lady, and she had brought two Juniors with her - They were pretty neat.

That's really it. bye!


~ megan said...

Which college did you visit?
And more importantly when can you visit my college? ^_^

Lotus said...

I visited Ursinus college.

I would like to visit your college oct 14th, but they NEVER answer the phone, so I can't schedule a visit with them.