Saturday, June 21, 2008

His complexion is perfect gallows...

Today: or rather, yesterday, I went to see "Shakespeare in the Ruins" performed by the Chesapeake Shakepeare Company. They were doing 'The Tempest', and it was amazingly cool. Afterwards, I got treated to an explanation of comedys v. tragadies, which was really interesting. (No sarcasm, I really did like it) Today, I get to drive two hours to see my cousins whom I adore (see yesterday's post).

Reading: The Color Purple, of Mice and Men
It's a miracle, but I haven't finished either of these yet. Tomorrow should bring a new book.


Ideas: start studying for the SAT??

1) Meet the McCormacks!
This brother/sister pair look very much alike, get along comfortably well and know more about everything literature, paticularly Shakespeare, than anyone else.
2) Meet Miranda, Gonzalo and Ariel...
These Fictional characters from 'The Tempest' were well cast and I enjoyed their interpretations of the characters. Ariel and Gonzalo I have seen perform before, but Miranda was a debut actress. I paticularly appreciated the portrayal of Gonzalo.

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