Friday, June 20, 2008

I love little kids

Today: We watched Cars in Driver's Ed! It was really fun, I love that movie, it's much better than the boring movies about your turn signal, etc. My sisters are cleaning house in order to have thier friends over tonight, which is nice, it means they're doing my chores for me! Tomorrow my handsome & debonair cousin celebrates his graduation from High School and moves into the bigger world. He's really cool. Today I also should look over my RED notebook and try to gather my notes for camp, only two weeks to go!

Reading: The Color Purple, of Mice and Men
So I got distracted, and still have yet to finish of Mice and Men, because The Color Purple was more attention grabbing. I suggest reading The Color Purple with a pinch of salt, you will find out what I mean if I read it.

Ideas: Looking for job applications, aim to get one by end of this month hopefully

Surfing: and
AiO has been with me since I was eight. half my life so far! I love it, and this week's podcast is deleted scenes, if you listen to AiO, it's funny. (My graduating cousin is actually the one who introduced it to me!)

The skit guys are also very very neat. They were at Impact, and since then I've followed their podcasts also, watch the Camp rules on PDA, Puh-duh video! (Today is a podcast day)

Snapshots: Little children are adorable
1) My neighbor Lydia
she's about 4 and she was out playing with her cousin when I walked home from Driver's Ed. when she noticed me, the joy in her voice was sooo cute! (I babysit for her all the time) She had to introduce me to her cousin and tell me his name and it was SOO cute.

2) My baby sister (she's 2)
She just came up to me with a popsicle and said "Open it pwese?" (in baby lisp). Then she gave me half as a reward for helping her.

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