Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...*music*

Today: It's absolutely georgeous outside. I was walking home from, you guessed it, driver's Ed, and enjoying the lovely suburban lawns and domesticated flowers. But seriously, it really is wonderful. Today I'm on mission GET STAMPS! Many of my friends are away at summer camp and I have to use snail mail to contact them, so as a result I have to go with the buraucracy and buy some of those intensly expensive stamps!

Reading: The Claim, Loving Will Shakespeare, The prize Winner of Defiance Ohio
I have a tendancy to consume way to many books in one day, not giving myself sufficient time to enjoy all of them. However, The Claim I have read before, and Loving Will Shakespeare is a teenage girl novel, which means that, while enjoyable, it doesn't require a lot of attention. The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio should take me several days, so it will continue to pop up.

(note, I just figured out how to italicize today)

Ideas: Thinking I should really get around to reading Jane Eyre, since I was given two wonderful copies for my birthday. Also wondering if I can get a couple of my friends together to see a movie, but I'm to lazy. I NEED STRUCTURE!!! It helps me get things done.

I love this blog. so much. the author is a friend of my parents, but she's really fun, as well as wise and 'worldly', having traveled over the whole earth. (She's an MK (missionary kid))

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