Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Life and all it's implications

1) Mr Jon
Christian, short, balding, black, about fifty-three. teaches driver's ed. Claims to be writing a book on courtship and dating. (I have yet to see proof of the book). Applauds for tests. Asks deep questions, but also laughs at you. expects you to hate his class. Trys to change that. Puts 'Law and Order' on for the second half of today's lesson. Puts 'Cars' on to fill time. Still manages to teach and students ace tests. Such is Mr. Jon, my driver's Ed teacher. a very complex man.

Reading: Under a war torn sky, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
I got distracted again. instead of finishing a book, working on studying for the SAT's and filling out job applications, (I'm looking for a job by the way, if you see any please comment to tell me!!) I read Harry Potter all day long. Mostly fan fic, but then I picked up the real book. Planning to write my own fan fic eventually.

The fan fic. site I read yesterday. look for my stories here by the end of the month. author, lotusblossom. ;-)

Vowel Poem: (new feature)
For this week, or as long as I am interested in this idea, you get to read a poem of sorts, starting with the Vowels for each line. (occasionally I'll add Y). This will show the thoughts of the day.

Driver's Ed videos

"Accident chain of events"
Everyone is responsible
Intense lesson (sarcasm)
Oh no, construction zone. (sarcasm)
Upset by a train
Yeah, today's lesson

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