Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Sorry for the two postless days!

Today: I had a very busy weekend and therefore did not post. Today was the first almost normal day, except that my siblings have started a day camp. Yesterday I helped out a a birthday party and didn't post.

Reading: Under a War-Torn Sky
I finally gave up on of mice and men. I will read it at some point this summer, but I can't get myself to start while I have other books from the library.

Surfing: http://insertreallycoolblognamehere.blogspot.com/
Yikes, car crash for the skitiots! if you follow my posts at all, the skitiots are the skit guys seconds. They're cool, but tow of them were in an accident, pray for them!

the blog keeps my spying on my friends as they prepare for a musical. I plan to see it Thursday.

Ideas: go out driving??

Snapshots: (my fav. part of blogging)
1) I'm an adoring cousin
Blond, curly haired, short and witty, my cousin is one of my favorite people in the whole world. Saturday at David's graduation reception Ben and I had a good long conversation. He told me all kinds of tidbits on college searches, job hunting, driving, everything under the sun that a high schooler might be interested in. Since He's about fifteen months older than I, he reaches all ages first, and is therefore more schooled in these subjects. At this point, everyone in our family knows that if we are visiting each other, you'll find me with Ben.
2) Brave little warrior
a friend of my little sister can't walk without braces. Monday I had a chance to interact with her. She is one of the most sweet, social, happy little girls you will ever meet. An angel on earth, she's amazing, the life of the party, even in the face of her wheelchair.
3) Four year old cutie pie
I also had a chance to play with a little friend of mine. Recently adopted from Russia, Hannah is so precious! She learns to speak very quickly and is well on her way to being fluent. I adore her, she is really cute and I hope to be part of her life in the years to come. (her parent's blog is http://www.sheldonfamilyadoption.blogspot.com/ )

So I realize I'm not very detailed and will be working on that in future posts. I think I'm going to drop the 'Today' and 'ideas'. This week we'll start a new plan, in which snapshots will be first, reading and surfing second, ending with my new idea! (Read tomorrow...)

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