Thursday, February 18, 2010


Tuday I was chatting with a friend and she mentioned that it might be hard to keep coming up with ideas for what to say. I don't really think that's the case - my blog is fairly regular and active and I rarely run out of ideas for what to say. This is mostly because I play off of my reading, experience and knowledge and take a brief thought and spin it out for far longer than it needs to be talked about! I also get ideas from other bloggers (like Tiny Talk Tuesday came from a mom blogger I know).

However, if you were trying to start a blog and didn't have any idea, make a pattern for yourself! You might notice the "Quote discipline days" from the link to other blogs on the side of mine - that's a pattern that's been set by that author (who is far more skilled with her pen than I) to blog about quotes when she's reached a lag in her blogging. (to encorage thoughtful ways - that's the link I'm talking about)

Now, having given this advice, I'm going to try to follow it! Here are my plans for next week's blogging (that might extend longer if I can):

Memory Monday -
I'll share a memory, either a funny story from last week or a tale from childhood

Tiny Talk Tuesday -
well, I've already done several of these, basically you post some of the cute/funny things the little ones in your life say to you or things you overhear from kids.

Well-Read Wendsday -
I'll post about something I read, be it book, magazine, blog, whatever.

Thoughtful Thursday -
This will be the day I write those posts about 'deep' things (you know what I mean)

Film Friday -
Julian Smith posts new videos on Fridays, so I will also! YouTube clips or Movies I see will arrive here, along with a commentary about them!

Scripture Saturday -
This is to keep me accountable, because if I am posting about my QT's then I will be sure to do them! Also, this gives me time to memorise and think about the verses.

Slow Down Sunday -
I won't post on Sundays. Let's it be the day I slow down before school on Monday.

That's All! Thanks for Reading!

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pardon the horrible grammer and spelling in this post - that will be another this to work on this upcoming week!