Monday, February 22, 2010

Memory Monday

When I was a little girl, we would go to my grandma's house to meet with my cousins for holidays (like Chinese New Year). One of those times, when I only had four sisters (so at least 10 years ago), my uncle told us a story about five wild girls (me, my two sisters and our two cousins) and how they lived in the woods and how they swung on vines and were, generally, wild. Apparently one day they meet a prince (aka him) who was lost.

At this point the story had several different endings. He started by telling us that the wild girls helped the prince and made him their king, but we protested at this ending and so he started retelling it, having the prince riding through the forest, lost and alone and eventally falling down a waterfall to wait for the wild girls to show pity on him and take him as thier servant. I never heard if they did or not, because at that point my uncle feel of the couch to illustrate his story and it got a little to realistic for my little cousin. She went over and started pulling on his arm and saying, 'Daddy, get up!'

For years after that, when we would get together as a family we'd play "Wild Girls" and plan ways to attack "the prince" (who probably regretted his story after the first telling)

The "Wild Girls" team has been disbanded for six years, but I can still see the first wild girls day very clearly in my head and hear the first time Uncle Dan told us the "Tale of the Wild Girls". I was once of a group of Amazonian women - can you believe it?

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