Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How life gets away from me!

busy busy busy. totally ignored this for a week or so. then, lo and behold, Ryan gets a blog, reminding me to update and check in on mine! sorry for the no post interval, it was unintentional. Hey, comments are welcome and encouraged!

1) Cousins Cousins Cousins!
Yes, I have more extended family! This week my Boston (actually Acton) cousins came to visit. there's Megan, Rachel, and Joe. Meg and Rachel both wear glasses and have a slightly intellectual feel to them because they both like to write, etc. Meg wears name brand clothes and looks rally cute in them cause she's skinny. Rachel has a tendancy to be sarcastic, but is still fun. Joe has gotten rather stocky and has his own email address even though he's only eight! They recently got a dog, as did our mutual cousin Noah, so I have been forced to put my dislike of dogs aside. No, I haven't gotten a love for them, just a tolerance. Bella and Zouko(not sure if that's spelled right), are two very differnt dogs. Z is an American Akita, purebreed, and HUGE, but very very calm around people. Bella is small, black, a mix of a black lab and a beagle, and very jumpy aroud people. so that has been the last couple of days with out posts.

Navs started again last week. Tomorrow the team leaves for Camaroon. The rest of the summer we get to hang out with the summer interns, we have 3. Nathan (who doesn't really count since we all know him already), Jessi (with an e?) and Janna. (possibly Jenna, I'm a terrible speller). Anyway, all three of them are very cool. Nathan is tall and male, the exact opposite of Jessi, who's petie and female. Janna is kind of in between, I like her, being tall and female. She has a really nice tan too. (random side note)

Reading: The Professor's House, Me and my little brain, Looking for Alaska
(The Professor's House) this Willa Cather is kind of confuusing since there seems to be no real plot to it, so I'm looking into it.
(Me and my little brain) I have a tendancy to re-read short funny little books like this one. Other good anecdotes include Homer Price and Henry Reed Inc.

the afore metioned Blog. I should probably start using that new blog list!

Vowel Poem:
Camaroon Team

All are excited, that's obvious
Everyone's packing today
I wish them well, and will miss them
Oh, and pray for the teens (the ones going and the ones who live there)
Usually great things happen on mission trips
Yeah, God will do it on this one too.

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