Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Birthday Girl

1) yesterday was my little sister's birthday. she turned nine years old. I think all the birthday fun stressed her out, but she enjoyed it all the same.

One of the presents I gave her was a toy cell phone. This will be the third she's had, the sixth or seventh in our household. They run out of batteries, get broken, get taken by younger or older siblings, get lost, etc. But overall there's always a set of play keys and a play cell phone for those who want to use them. At one point, I think we even had a toy ipod in our house! It's only fault was that it could only play the American Idol theme, and none of us watch American Idol.

The presents that I think she liked best were the scooter from my parents and the Barbie dolls from my Bestemor (That's norwegian for grandma).

I also witnessed a cute little scene yesterday. My youngest sister is just two years old, and came up to the birthday girl to ask if she could "please hold that one(Barbie)?". She got the Barbie and in return for the favor went over to my dad and said "we go get candles for nini." (nini is what she calls our sister.) Dad had alreasy been out and didn't really want to go pick up birthday candles, but went in order to appease little big eyes aka my two year old sister.

The Three Musketeers(again! trying to get through it!) The Thomas the Tank engine Collection (The Thomas stories are well worth reading, plus it's quality time with mio hermano.)

http://www.therebelution.com/ I get to go to thier conference saturday! lucky me!! yeah!

Vowel Poem:
yesterday I was reading my old compositions from about eight or nine years old. I was a very imaginative little girl, I wrote stories about turkeys and weddings and all sorts of crazy stuff. here's a poem about little me.

"Memory Lane"
A lways had a strong imagination
E veryone said I was such a charming kid
I never recognized how silly it was
O r was it?
U sually kids can't imagine

A nd now I know that
E ven though I was a goofball
I wouldn't have changed a thing
O nly I remember all these details
U sually those notes are lost

Yet I have them all.

A ll my old notebooks, for school, and my journals
E very last one is right there.
I maginative stories
O ld poems, Old songs.
U ntil I read them, I didn't realize the treasure

Yes, I remember now.

(nobody else would have as much fun with those books as I do.)

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