Thursday, July 3, 2008

Yawn Yawn Yawn

So, after I get on my blog again and get a blog list, no one posts! LOL, the world is out to get me!

1) not a person today
Today my neighbor handed me a bag of goopy brown mess with all good intentions. The story is that it's "Amish friendship bread'. The idea is that everyone adds to the starter, bakes it with a favorite addition and then passes the started on to a friend, who will use that starter to make thier own bread, begin a new starter and pass it. (Is that gross or what?) anyways, so I have this goopy dough that I'm supposed to add flour to on certian days, then I squeeze it all out of the bag and bake it. The bread tastes OK, but the yuck dough doesn't seem to good. (It smells too, because it's got yeast or something in it.) Anyone want to take it?

The four story mistake, The pearl
The pearl is only 75 pages, I should be able to read it quickly right? WRONG! I get distracted alot.

did you know they give away free Wii jackets?!?

Vowel Poem
Camp Planning
(To understand this you have to realize I'm going to be a counsolor at Wildflowers next week)

A bunch of laundry
E ventually I'll need to pack
I am excited
O nly I have to prepare
U sually I don't do so well at that

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