Saturday, July 12, 2008

Home Sweet Home?

Oh my goodness there are so many snapshots I could give from camp! Actually, camp will probably be the snapshots for a week or so. So first... (drumroll please) Johnny and Tuca!
Meet two of our staff girls. They were the counsolors for seven lower? I'm pretty sure it was lower. anyway, they enjoy each others company way to much! They're silly, but I love them very very much. Johnny is a little taller than me, has short curly hair, throws axes and tomahawks for fun, knows more about reptiles than any other girl I've ever met, and is just general beautiful, inside and out. Tuca is approx. 4 inches taller than me and has shoulder legnth brown hair, wears bandanas and hats at camp, as well as glasses, likes to read fantasy and is also a good actress, no matter what she says. both have distinctive laughs and are generally using thier laughter to brighten my day. Both also have good shoulders to sleep on when one is tired.

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Lindsay Anne said...

wahhhh i am soooo sad i couldn't go to camp that week but mexico was so amazingly amazing!! i love you emily =) =) =). <3