Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thinking Back...

1) Star is tall, has strawberry blond curly hair, and has a bubbly personality that goes along with it. Her actual personality is so different, because she's really rather shy. But to me, she's just Star, who carries wisdom and responsibility on her thin shoulders. GO STAR!

2) My sister, although she denies it, is a popularity queen. She's always going out, either to play at friend's houses or to goof off at the pool.

3) Meet Catilen! (I can't spell it, it's pronunced cayt-len)
Ten years old, short light brown hair, slightly curly at the end, wears little glasses and has a slightly high pitched voice. She was one of my bright little campers this past week at camp. She told several stories and was a very intelligent little girl. In Bible Ex, she always popped up with answers. She was quite a sweetie, she told lots of stories and knew lots of facts. I hope I helped teach her more, and she was a bright little bubble in my life, I only hope I returned the favor.

The Complete Works of Beatrix Potter, Seven Daughters and Seven Sons


I'm learning little lessons from AiO today.

Vowel Poem
A lways and forever,
E ven in my dreams,
I have memories
O h, such memories
U ntil I see them again
Y ou remain in my thoughts Wildflowers!

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