Monday, July 14, 2008

Camp is what I love...

(Note: I will eventually talk about campers, but you have to meet the amazing staff first)
Today, you get to meet three very special sisters, Chryse, Bambee and Jabo. First physical descriptions and then why they're special. Chryse reaches about to my shoulder in height, has brown hair that has blond highlights (she pulls this off in a very pretty princessy effect). Currently she has very sunburned shoulders and is very sensitive to touch. Bambee has small hands, something I noticed this week, and a very distinctive face. Her face looks like it should be smiling and yet can scare me pretty badly when I've been misbehaving. She also has blonde streaks in her curly hair, but they have a different effect than Chryse's, because they frame her face when her hair is down and make two stripes running across her head when it's pulled up. (the way I normally see it). Jabo is just about my age, and looks very much like her sister Chryse, but with and fun twist and sparkle in her eye. Her hair is also curly and cascades down her back. I love Jabo's hair when it's wet and she's drying it out, because the sun shines on it and it flows with her.

These three beautiful sisters are more involved in camp than I am, and taught me how to do some very important things. For example, Jabo has an amusing imagination. For example, this week at camp we made pet rocks, and her's was a 'martian from the moon'. Don't ask me how that makes sense, but she explained it to me. Jabo's also working on an act with a zebra puppet, she's getting quite good at talking with out moving her lips. Anyways, she lightens me up with laughter and joy, and I was really sad when she had to leave camp because she was sick.
Bambee, on the other hand, keeps me from hurting myself and teaches me how to do things. This week I learned how to light a match, and built my first campfire ring fire all on my own, under the tutalage of Bambee. Even with the outdoorsy woman feel to her, Bambee is a real sweetheart, and I love her like crazy. (That's not to say she wasn't a little intimidating for a long time!) She has a certian control, through which I know that she's in charge but that she's also my friend. Hum, sounds kind of like Jesus. Bambee is a great mirror for Christ. Chryse is hard to talk about because I didn't see her much this week. She does all kinds of thingsa that I could never keep up with, but I always appreciate what she says at prayer meetings in the morning. To phrase it like my father would, Chryse's got her head on straight.

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