Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Are you addicted?

Yesterday I was journaling a prayer and I realized something. I am addicted. I am a hopeless case - I've been feeding my addiction for years and haven't ever realized it, but now, as I've matured, my addiction has matured. I have continued to feed the beast, and now I'm not sure if I can return tolife without filling up with my 'drug'.

Want to know what I'm addicted to?

I'm a hopeless romantic. There, I've told you. I am addicted to chivalry, love stories, happy endings, and, if you really want to get to the guts of it, cute boys.

You probably laughed a little when you read that. You're probably saying, "What's wrong with chivalry?" or "So what, every girl is attracted to cute boys. That doesn't make it an addiction." or "YOU? No way, you're not nearly as flirty and out there as SOME people I could name."

Despite the things you are thinking (or not thinking) to justify me, I am in a deep hole of addiction. I try to hide it from myself by holding my lines of purity at an incredibly high standard (I almost NEVER hug guys). I try to hide it by telling myself that I am not one of those girls who makes marriage an idol, I have a career plan and a way to support myself and I don't care about boys. To some extent, those things are true and good - there's nothing wrong with high purity lines and it's good to have career plans.

However, I think part of the reason I do those things is to keep myself from totally giving in to my addiction. In reality, I gobble up romantic books, watch perfect (and handsome) men on TV, and generally engage in unrealistic dreams and expectations.

I'm not saying that reading love stories or watching those TV shows are bad - but I think I need to cut back on it some, and be careful.

What about you? What are your addictions? How do you feed them?

If you're a girl, maybe you're addicted to boys too. Think about it.

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