Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's the little things that matter

Today, I walked out of school later than usual because I stayed after for MESA.
Today, as I walked out of school, three different teachers took notice of me.
Today, three different teachers showed me that they cared about me, just by saying,
"Have a great evening, Emily!"(Knox) "Hola Emilia!" (Ferrell) and "Take Care, Emily" (Ditman)

Have you ever noticed how important little things are? Not one of those teachers probably really thought extra hard about saying good-bye to me - it's just what they do everyday. Every single day they invest in my life as a high school student and many many others.

This extends beyond teachers as well, to the people I work with in the church nursery and my neighbors and the ladies I baby-sit for and on and on - little things they say to show they're interested in my life and care about me make such a difference.

Now, how can I resolve to make differences to other people in the same way?

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