Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jung, Gregorc, and VAK, oh my!

As part of a program that I'm in here at school, we were asked to take the Jung personality test (also known as the Meyers-Briggs). If you don't know your type, take it here:

Anyways. I find this test fascinating. I tend to score E_ _J. The blanks signify the general shift when I take this test. I've taken it five times now. Here's a profile of each of the times I've taken it:
1. Facebook app, ENFJ
2. HCC Engineering Pathways, ENTJ
3. AP Spanish, ENTJ
4. NASA Goddard Intern Lecture, ESTJ

So a question - how do our scores on these tests change based on our mood at the time? Do they really change based on maturity, like so many people tell me when I ask for an explanation of the changes? How do the questions change your scores (because each test I've taken has had slightly different questions).

Another fun test is the Gregorc Style Delineator. On this test (which I've taken twice) I score Concrete Sequential (both times). It's a little more effort to take because you have to write things out on a piece of paper and do a lot of math, but I'd recommend it if you have the time.

Finally, there's the VAK learning styles test. VAK stands for visual, audio, kinetic. I'd highly recommend taking that one as well, but can't find a good internet link for it. Let me know what your scores are, and if you think they accurately represent you.

(obviously, this post is for BEDA)


Lotus said...

Frequent Visitors to "the life of a lotus blossom" may enjoy reading my post from a little over a year ago called "Spanish, Yoga and self-knowledge", as it deals with the personality tests as well.

I wrote it October 9, 2009, or you can search for it in the search window at the bottom of the blog.

Lotus said...

correction - the search window is on the right hand side

Liz said...

It's also quite possible to be borderline on some of the letters. I'm fairly strongly ENT but I'm borderline on J/P. It would probably shift based on my mood and whether I was taking a test during a semester or during a break.