Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Do you have regrets?

There's a really interesting post on the UMBC discussion boards this week. It's titled "Too Young to Have Regrets" and lists the (supposedly) five most common regrets in people aged 25-35. ( The author (who writes interesting posts quite frequently - David Hoffman with Co-Create UMBC) then goes on to list his personal five youthful regrets.

It asks us any regrets we have, ending with "Name them, learn from them, move on". So, here are my five:
1. Not knowing my grandparents better.
2. Losing a lot of my Spanish literacy skills post-high school
3. Losing my pattern of memorizing Bible verses post-high school
4. Not writing in my journals often enough
5. Not taking good care of my teeth

What about you?

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