Monday, April 2, 2012

My story of dance

So. BEDA day 2.
Once, there was a freshman in college who saw an advertisement for dance classes. And she signed up for the classes on Sunday night. And they were good classes. She learned how to do the tango, and the cha-cha, and the mambo. And then she forgot how to do them, because she didn't practice.

Two semesters went by, and she decided she wanted to take classes again. She signed up again, and started taking classes again. The second time was so much better than the first time, because she had actually learned the right way to stand, and the place to stand, and stuff. Her teacher was pretty good, and told the class to practice every week. Which wouldn't have happened for this student, except that one of her classmates asked her if she was going to go out dancing, and she said sure. So she went, and it was amazing. So then they started practicing every week, and going out dancing more and more.

That's my story of dance. :) If you're interested, this is where we go every week.
It's really, really fun. You should totally go. As my teacher says, "go and make dancing!"

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