Thursday, April 5, 2012

German Games

I've played board games almost my whole life. I can't pinpoint the first time that I played Settlers of Catan, and ever since that day, I've been hooked. I wrote one of my college admissions essays about German strategy games - at that time, I had just been introduced to the game Goldbrau. By some magical fluke, I was really, really good at Goldbrau (which, embarrassingly, is a board game based on beer sales), and had beaten my Dad, sister, and lifelong friend of my parents three times. I've played many, many other games in my lifetime. My cousin Ben and I have played thousands of matches against each other - or, more frequently, in partnership with each other against our siblings.

Needless to say, when Felicia Day's youtube channel announced a board game show, I was super excited. The first episode is here - go watch and enjoy! :)

(PS - I need suggestions for blogging topics for BEDA (Blog Every Day in April). So far I've taken posts from school news and from conversations with a friend of mine, but I need more ideas!)

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