Monday, April 16, 2012

Who wants to be an Engineer?

Have you ever noticed that the things on television don't highlight engineering? Shows like CSI and Castle highlight police detective work. Shows like How I Met Your Mother and Friends don't focus on jobs at all generally, but when the jobs do come up, it's jobs like teaching, or investment banking, etc. The only show I can think of that emphasizes science/tech jobs is the Big Bang Theory - and that show is designed to make fun of the people who do the physicist jobs. (I think Big Bang Theory is hilarious, by the way, and I am in no way saying it's a bad show). But I do want to know why there aren't any "glamorous" engineers on TV - preferably female characters, if possible. Granted, there aren't a lot of real female engineers, so it would be hard to make a TV show about them when they're already scarce, but I think if we were to make them more cool on TV, more kids would want to go into those fields. Who wants to be an engineer if they don't see how cool it is? Just a thought from the female advocate in me. :)


Kati patrianoceu said...

I've been watching a fair bit of Numb3rs lately... the female mathematician is rather inspiring! Not quite an engineer but it's getting closer? It's just too bad that the acting on that show is so lousy.

Lotus said...

That is getting closer - I've actually never seen Numb3rs so I might have to check it out!