Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tricks of Consumerism

I have four Vera Bradley bags. A wrist-let that I carry everyday, a labtop case that I carry at least once a week, a little purse that I carry my Bible in to church on Sundays, and a big purse for other occasions. I've already replaced the wrist-let once, and the handle on my labtop case is getting worn. You'll notice that Vera Bradley comes out with new bag patterns every year, and a year is about the time it takes for the bags to "wear out". Which doesn't mean become unusable, it simply means gets worn and not-new looking. And then people get new ones. Tricks of consumerism!

Another consumerism thing that Katrina had been talking about in GWST is the difference in advertising for women and men, particularly when it comes to hygienic products. Think shampoo, hair products, deodorant. Which means a husband and wife could potentially be buying different shampoo and deodorant, for no other reason than that one is advertised for females and one for males. Again, tricky with consumerism.

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