Saturday, April 21, 2012

Love Songs

My good friend Adele just posted this song on YouTube. (No, not the famous Adele who has yet to become famous).

I thought it was interesting, her challenge to herself to write a non-romantic love song. So then I started thinking about the love songs I know (which are very few - and most of the one I do know are country love songs, like Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not). So then I started thinking about other songs that I know, and realized that most songs are about breaking up. Or the post broken-up, can't get over you feeling. That's...a sad and disappointing social commentary. So instead, songs like Adele's should become famous. Problem solved!

Another solution would be to treat dating, and sex, and all that stuff, less casually. If people weren't so quick to give that stuff up, they'd be less heartbroken if it doesn't work out. However, I feel like with movies and TV the way it is (think movies like Friends with Kids, Friends with Benefits) people are going to treat it casually. Something else that makes commentary on our society.

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